Dr. Mudiare Onome Onobrakpeya

Dr. Mudiare Onome Onobrakpeya

Director of Art and Culture and Head Curator, Harmattan Gallery

Mudiare Onome Onobrakpeya is the Director of Art and Culture and Head Curator at the Harmattan Gallery and is an advocate of artists and a curator of African Art and culture. He is a valiant steward of the visual arts and creative industry with over 30 years of involvement in various aspects of modern and contemporary African Art development in Nigeria and the US.

Mudiare opened his first gallery in the famous Newberry street in Boston, U.S.A. in l990 and since then has been associated with several platforms of expression for artists, which has fostered enduring relationships in the arts across several countries.

Mudiare is the publisher of “Adumadan Arts Beats”, a specialized newsletter in the arts established in the late 90s and was an early pioneer in deepening and accentuating the discourse on the true earning potential of the creative industry by being an advocate for innovative and modern art business thinking.

As an Art ambassador at large, Mudiare took modern Nigerian Art to the international stage, including countries like Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, U.K. and the U.S.. Thanks to his innovative leadership and outreach the Nigerian art community has achieved new successes defined by his meticulous eye for cultural and artistically inspired works.

Mudiare is an avid Art collector and Custodian and takes an interest in world Art in all its forms. With broadened awareness and appreciation through commitment to art education and scholarship Mudiare has ultimately enriched the earning power of many players in the creative industry.

Mudiare attended the prestigious St Gregory’s College Lagos and went on to attain an MBA from Xavier University USA. He was conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Science, (Honoris Causa) by the African American University for contributions in Art Business and Entrepreneurship in the creative industry In Oct 2019.