Alexandre Latou

Alexandre Latou

Founder, AYITI Gallery

Alexandre is a French entrepreneur, activist and humanist. For the last 18 years, Alexandre has been managing and advising emergency programmes for major International Humanitarian organisations like the Red Cross, Oxfam, the UNs in more than 30 disaster-prone countries across the world. Through his career he helped thousands of people be prepared to cope with and respond to disasters.

He worked 5 years in Haiti where he miraculously survived the massive earthquake in 2010. This experience had a major incidence on his life and his vision about life.

While he was in Haiti, Alexandre fell in love with Haitian art and built a collection of over a hundred artworks.

In 2016 Alexandre started a new venture, to share his passion for Haitian contemporary art and support living Haitian artists sell their art.
He imported over 200 artworks which he showed successfully in more than 20 exhibitions and art fairs in London.

He founded AYITI Gallery -a fine art and social enterprise-, developed a large network of artists, art lovers, collectors and investors; and built an ecommerce platform ( that sells the works of 7 artists he currently represents.

Alexandre is now focusing on the growth of the business to transform it into an innovative and immersive global platform to bring visibility and empower thousands of talented underrecognized artists in the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.